What is Kobudo?

Master Nohara, Okinawin Kobudo expert, with Kim

Kobudo is a Japanese term that means old martial way. This term applies to our club as we try to follow the traditional martial ways. Kobudo also is used to refer to martial arts weaponry systems. This term also applies to our club because we provide private instruction in nunchuka and bo/staff to black belt level students.

Weapons training can be taken alongside your karate training. Training with weapons can enhance your hand-eye coordination, your speed, and make you a well rounded martial artist, as well as being lots of fun and impressive at demonstrations. Children under the age of 18 must have parental consent. Please speak to Sensei Kim if you wish to know more about weapons training or to arrange training sessions.

Nunchuka and bo/staff are taught for demonstration purposes only and not for actual combat.

If you have always wanted to have a go but did not know how to start or you have tried learning off a video or DVD and found it too difficult, try a personal lesson.

Nunchuka are two equal sized pieces of wood or metal that are held together by either a chain or rope. One end of the nunchuka is held in your hand while the other end whips around, hopefully where you want it to go! It is a weapon known for its speed and was made famous by Bruce Lee in 'Enter the Dragon'.

Bo/staff is a single long piece of wood, usually 5 or 6 foot long and is a weapon of length used in olden times to dismount attacking horse riders.