Classes and Prices

Karate Kids classes are run every Saturday morning from 10:15-11:00.  This class is aimed at children ages 5 and up with no or little karate experience.

Advanced classes are run every Saturday morning from 11:00-12:30.  This class is for children and teenagers that are at green belt level and above.


Are classes are pay-as-you-go and are £7 per lesson.

Children are taught that Karate is a defensive and not an offensive martial art. They are taught never to use their fighting skills outside the dojo except in self defence. Children are taught during training to be polite and respect their fellow students & instructors.

Traditional Karate training helps prepare a child for life. A boost to a child's self esteem and self-confidence often shows itself in improved achievement at school and in other activities.

All our classes are run by qualified, DBS-checked instructors that are enthusiastic about teaching the art of karate-do to children.